Your roof takes a beating! It protects your home from the harshest of weather year in and year out. Velvet Crown Restoration is the premier roofing contractor serving the Tri-State area. You can trust them to install a roof that will shelter your home and add to its curb appeal and value.

Your roof also protects your home from rising energy costs. Ask about UV reflective roofing material and see your heating and cooling bills go down.

Carefully choosing your contractor will save you headaches later. A new roof, properly installed by an experienced contractor, should last 30 years or more. Beware of part-time roofers or roofers with little experience. A solid roof is an investment in your home.

Whatever your home color or architectural style, Velvet Crown can find roofing materials to complement it and even improve the look and protection it gives/provides.

The first step for your project is a consultation with Velvet Crown and for them to learn more about your home and your roofing needs.

Velvet Crown Restoration has an experienced team of installers with years of experience in the correct installation of shingles and underlying materials.

Consult with Velvet Crown to determine how best to fix your issues. In the end a new roof will solve your leakage problems and give you peace of mind.

Velvet Crown has been serving homeowners in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas for many years. Call them at the first sign of loose shingles, leaks, or weather damage and save yourself from expensive repairs later.